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is the president of the united states. by the way, we only have one president. i don't like the idea of mitt romney frying to go around and pretend he's the president of the united states when he's not. president obama canceled campaign events, and then governor romney -- this is a statement about what you do as president. that's why this storm is an important issue. you have to be president of all the american people and not president of new jersey and virginia because they have republican governors. why didn't mitt romney bother to call the other three? maybe because he has a record where he said back in the defwat last year when he was running trying to be severely conservatively that he would cut fema funding and send it back to the states and privatize it. this is why it's so important, because it illustrates the importance of government and illustrates the two fundamentally two different choices of the two candidates running for the highest office in land. >> chip, i think we have that sound from the debate. at the time governor romney was asked whether or not with fema and its financial prob
's gone on economically in the united states in the past four wears is a product of administration policies which will change if that administration gets change. >> part of what governor romney had to say regarding gdp, slow economic growth means slow job growth and declining take home pay. this is what four years of president obama's policy has produced. americans are ready for change. what do you make of that? mitt romney says he's the agent of change. the president says the policies that are being outlined by republicans not change it's just bush. >> yeah. i think governor romney's political strategy is failing. it's failing in the key states that he has to win and here's why. for the first time really in years americans perception of is this year better than last year has gone up. and mitt romney wants to paint a picture of gloom and doom like you heard my republican colleague try to paint and the problem is you have governor kasich, republican governor in ohio saying ohio is back, ohio has recovered. at the same time ohio voters are hearing that message they are hearing mitt r
or the direction for the foreign policy for this country go? >> what the president of the united states, everyone gets that the president of the united states has been briefed literally thousands of times over the course of his presidency on foreign policy and intelligence issues. they know that the president and virtually in every circumstance comes into the debate with more information in his head that is disposable than any challenger. that's the frame that independents look for. they want to make sure they believe that the candidate who is challenging is someone that they vote for, that they can trust, that they trust will make good decisions. he cleared that bar last night when he went back to economic issues. >> let me play a few items where mitt romney agreed with the president on things in the past. you say the president gets briefings, but that has never stopped republicans or governor romney from criticized the president from syria to what to do with iran. it never stopped him giving him opinions despite having or not having the briefings the president has been privy to. here's a montag
president of the united states, if his best explanation is, i guess my staff did it or better yet if he said, we always try to get money for our state except when i go out and argue against the money for my state. he was caught. he was speaking for the entire republican party at that moment. because these are guys in the republican party who want what they want from the government and then they tell you the government's evil when it comes to everybody else. >> listen -- >> that's why. let me finish. that's why romney and ryan support preserving tax cuts for all the capital gains and carried interest. everything else, my friend, your mortgage interest tax deduction and everything else is on table. >> okay. if that was the high point of joe biden talking about the economy last night we have a long way to go. americans still don't believe the stimulus worked. we're dealing with the weak economy. that's reality to people. >> but we also know , jonathan, let me jump in here. congressman ryan, they heard that he asked for stimulus money. are democrats now fired up? we were in kentucky live. we tal
there like you're there to represent a set of values and believes about the united states and a vision for the future of the united states. joe biden did that pretty well in his turn. he wasn't just up there trying to win debating points or trying to outpoint the other guy. he was up there representing a view of the country. that's what obama really needs to do. he did it very poorly the first time. the other thing that i think obama needs to do, a specific thing. he really needs to tell the democrats' economic story of the last 12 years, and basically say, look, george bush came into office. he said i'm going to cut taxes and reduce regulation, and you watched the economy is going to take off. george bush did those two things, and look what happened to the economy. i've been doing my best to dig us out. we're finally turning the concern. consumer confidence sat a five-year high? what does my opponent want to do? put in the exact same policies that created the crisis in the first place. >> that's the tone that the new president has that is voiced by morgan freeman. it starts with a sto
, and that's the problem, tamron. he's the only politician i know of in the united states of america alive today who over the course of his political career has held every conceivable position on the issue of life. he's signed into law tax payer funded abortions and birth control mandates on the catholic church. now he criticizes the president for doing it. >> both of you are both accurate. >> you support him, right? >> i only support pro-life candidates. >> do you think he's pro-life. >> for someone to be pro-life, they have to believe life is sacred from the moment it's received until the natural death. >> it's up to mitt romney to meet my definition. i don't have to clarify my position for him. he needs to clarify my position for me. >> he's not done that. >> he's clarified it multiple times with multiple choices. >> your definition of wanting to support a pro-life candidate has some holes in it. you'll be willing to vote for someone you don't understand where he stands. >> i would not vote for somebody who is not pro-life. >> are you going to vote for him or not? >> there's 19 days to
can when you sit a foot away from the president of the united states. i think the president and his team are prepared for that. it's a relatively easy response in terms of saying this was a fluid situation, an unstable situation. this is what happens when you have a crisis, and i think the president going to be able to kind of push it back. i think the danger for governor romney is does he overreach? he did last time, and it blew up in his face. he can't afford to do it again. >> chip, let's bring you in on this issue of libya. if you watch the sunday morning programs, a lot of the surrogates for governor romney bringing up libya and what they categorize as mishandling of the situation and ongoing questions. nevertheless, lindsey graham was on earlier today going after the cia now as well as the obama administration. he painted a picture of libya in chaos, this dire situation. my colleague chuck todd played a sound clip from john mccain in july. this is how senator mccain described libya at the time. let me play it. >> i was there for their election, and you know how many people i m
in iraq because he believed it was in the national security interest of the united states. the fact that people want to sort of throw around this stuff is just not helpful to anybody. >> zachary, you maintained this notion we will see an unemployment rate as we saw in years past far from this 7.8% that we'll never get back to that. when people imagine this unemployment rate of -- i don't know what they think, 5%. that will never be begin in the society. >> not in the next five or seven years. who knows what happens in the decade. we should salute john in that point there's no credibility in jack welch making these arguments. we shouldn't credit them as having that. the other point is the problem with the numbers is this is a round number for a 300 million person economy with a lot of regional variation. nothing in this report today changes the fact there's a lot of people unemployed a long time. 8.6 people are in part-time work and they want fum-time work. nothing changes that. if it was 8% or 7.5%, it wouldn't change that. we live in the economy where a segment of the population do
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at the time but he was a patriot and he cared more about the united states of america than destroying a president. >> well, mayor, thank you so much for your time. we're happy you were able to join us today. thank you. >> i'm glad to be here. >> okay. >>> another post-debate rush is on for the critical battleground state of ohio. you know that. president obama's about to head, in fact, to ohio after campaigning in iowa. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan also in ohio today and governor romney mark your calendar will be in, guess where, ohio friday. concerns of american jobs shipped to china are, of course, part of what we heard in the debates, as well. let's take a listen. >> on day one, i will label china a currency manipulator. which will allow me as president to be able to put in place if necessary tariffs where i believe that they're taking unfair advantage of our manufacturers. >> we had to make sure that china was not flooding our domestic market with cheap tires. governor romney said i was being protectionist, that it wouldn't be helpful to american workers. we save
the first principle in almost every republican party platform in the united states of america. >> okay. so in the case where he says a horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen, in addition to the life as some interpreted that if the life then is a situation that god intended then the rape is what god intended, as well. >> well, i always love this idea of what exactly god intended. when it comes from people -- >> that's the very reason people don't like to see religion in politics because it's subject to interpretation of what you or maybe richard mourdock believes is god intended or not god intended. that's why -- exactly. >> why is it when the president quotes from the bible the first murderer to justify the welfare state, how come that's religion okay to bring in politics and with morality it's not. >> i'm asking you that there are people who interpret that comment made by this senate candidate as what i just explained. >> sure. >> if this -- if your notion is that god oversees all then why try to backtrack on the rape part? i'm not defending anyone's r
's like any honda or toyota is being built in the united states. when you look at the totality of that ad says u.s. jobs are shipped over to china and that isn't correct. >> one of the other assertions from the obama campaign is the reason these cars are manufactured for the chinese consumer is because they're doing so well at this point. that's another push back to tout the success of the auto industry in so many ways as a result of actions taken by the obama administration. >> that goes into the whole debate over this auto bailout, and as we made the point about three or four years ago right after the auto bailout, gm goes and so goes the obama presidency and so goes the election. this campaign with so much attention focused on ohio, one in eight jobs are related somehow to the auto industry there. you see the romney campaign try to make a move and correct things. the question is whether it's too late and whether they're being hit very hard on this current attack that they've had on that jeep ad. >> thank you so much. greatly appreciate you coming on. we'll see what happens there. thank
society in egypt. so those who eventually went to tahrir square saw that the united states wasn't on their side. that was a mistake. there's a big difference between anticipating and leading versus not leading, reacting, cutting our traditional support for democracy. that's the record of president obama. that contributed it to the mess. >> you say he should have pushed mubarak out and done it differently or shouldn't have done it? >> ronald reagan once said to support the march of freedom, but we can't determine the pace. the people in the country determine the pace of the march of freedom. it's humorous to suggest we could do this. >> can you make an assertion but no answer. that seemed to happen in that exchan exchange. >> if anyone doubts foreign policy and who advises candidates doesn't matter, they have to watch that video. this is the stakes at hand. there's two ways to look at this, i think. on the policy side governor romney's critiques are wrong. the president has done a remarkable job in terms of getting us out of iraq, setting us up for withdrawal out of afghanistan,
the way to the united states supreme court. our lawyers this morning effectively made the case to the justices that diversity, ethnic and otherwise, benefits all of the students on our campus. >> bill, has that not been proven in workplaces? >> absolutely. a business case for diversity spread like wildfire. mckenzie and other consulting firms shows that it helps the bottom lean for corporations and actually corporations and military and other organizations said, do not dry up the pipeline to the universities so they're actually in great support of race-based affirmative action. >> all right. thank you so much. we greatly appreciate your time. we'll see what happens as this moving forward. thank you so much. >> thanks so much. >>> the death of a nfl star and actor tops the look at stories around the news nation today. alex karras, a former detroit lions defensive tackle later became a tv and film star passed away today. movies included "paper lion," "blazing saddles." tv fans remember him as webster's dad in the '80s sitcom. he was 77 years old. >>> the u.s. anti-doping agency i
everywhere across the united states. we're willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign. we're not willing to be murdered for it. >> nbc's atia abawi joins us live from the afghan capital of kabul. the back and forth of the politics of the war comes amid a new attack, three more american soldiers killed. >> that's right, tamron. three more u.s. service members were killed as well as 12 afghans that includes afghan service members and civilians in eastern afghan's khost province. apparently they were finishing up a joint u.s./afghan patrol when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives. the taliban did claim responsibility for that attack, but that also followed another deadly weekend where two more americans were killed including an american service member and an american civilian contractor that was training afghan security forces at a checkpoint in the province west of kabul. another insider attack when an afghan soldier approached them, pulled his weapon out and killed them. the americans fired back killing the assailant but also two more afghan soldiers. this eroding the trust between
. >> i get the opportunity to introduce to you the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> and new york jets owner woody johnson, a tough fund-raiser for governor romney. he was asked yesterday if he'd rather have a winning season for his team or see romney in the white house. he said, quote, i think you always have to put country first. so i think it's very, very important that this election come off with mitt romney and paul ryan as president and vice president. da dive writes for "the nation," and how politics will turn it upside-down. what do you make of the remark there? >> as someone that grew up a jets fan, i find it disturbing. one of the things that woody johnson's comments do, though, is it comments you have two sets of worlds in the sports world in the politics. there's owners as well as team executive. john he will welway is the teamt of the broncos, and a different rule for players, particularly nfl players who have nonguaranteed contracts and take their future into their own hand when they make political statements. >> they're millionaires too, aren
with andrea mitchell. >> did you mean to call barack obama the president of the united states lazy? >> yes. i think you saw him admit it the night before when he delivered the pizzas. he said, you know, they're making me do this work. he didn't want to prepare for this debate. he didn't want to prepare for this debate. he's lazy and disengaged. >> do you want to respond to that? >> how do you respond to that. john sun nu has a pension for provocation. they can defend that insult, but last night the president again had a very clear adult conversation with the american people about the circumstances we're in today. mitt romney, like the true used car salesman he is, was all over the lot and spinning tales all over the place. people aren't going to buy that lemon. >> supporters of the president, some are not happy today. they feel for example aalone on the $716 billion that romney accused the president of taking out of medicare, the president did not refute that. let me play this moment. it has a lot of people concerned. >> on medicare, for current retirees, he's cutting $716 billion from the pr
's not that hard. i think obama and the president of the united states should defend his economic record. that's the most important thing. >> there's no shortage of people giving him advice for the past two weeks. chris, thank you very much. >> thank you, tamron. >> our special primetime coverage kicked off at 8:00 eastern on msnbc. a new reaction this afternoon at secretary of state hillary clinton takes the heat for the security decision that failed to prevent the deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. >> i take responsibility. i'm in charge of the state department. 60,000-plus people all over the world, 275 posts. the president and vice president certainly wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> and just moments ago republican senator kelly ayotte doubled down on the gop criticism in response to what secretary clinton has said. >> certainly laudable that the secretary of state came forward like this, but she's clearly trying to be loyal and cover for the president and vice president. >> let me bring in the chief foreign
to the debate is how china pegs its currency and the issue of manufacturing and jobs leaving the united states and the intellectual property rights, which is really tied into mitt romney's argument about creating 12 million jobs. the president said he would take on many issues before his administration. has he? >> well, i think that governor romney has a fair point in initially in the obama administration to try to reach out to china. it may have been too soft, and try to perceive that weakness and walk over the administration. that led to a real revision to policy in washington, and a tougher line. i think there might be a stretch to learn from the mistakes there. indeed, the chinese currency has been appreciating, especially if you take inflation into account. now, i do think that's kind of a harder argument to get over to the public. there's this deep frustration if you're in ohio or wisconsin in the economy, and so that argument by romney may get traction, but i don't think at the end of the day that it's -- you know, that's a very fair one. >> and the demand of one country to its lender t
in the action and never really quite worked. if you're president of the united states, you want to show people how you'd act and important to do what chris christie did. mitt romney would have gone further to say i'm behind the president. we are americans right now. his leadership is important for our country and taking the high road. instead he was looking in my view for a bit of an opening and as you have mentioned the ad in ohio general motors and chrysler, hardly liberals, just pounced on romney. it was really stunning to try to do that and it's not been a good few days for mitt romney and you feel that the president's regained momentum. he was losing even this past sunday. >> thank you so much. i'm sure we'll see you soon. as well, thank you. up next, a live report of queens, new york, that is where more than 100 homes were destroyed in a fire during hurricane sandy. but first, here's a look at the average of the polls. a dead heat with 47%. but first, there's a lot going on today and here's things we thought you should know. republican lawmakers steve king under fire for saying he won't
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)